About Clean Bays

About us

Clean Bays is a Rhode Island based non-profit agency that specializes in removing marine debris from the local shores and waterways of Narragansett Bay and Southern New England while simultaneously serving as a world-wide role model of debris cleanup methodologies, engineering, and sustainability. Founded in 2005 as Clean The Bay, Clean Bays specializes in large and difficult to remove debris and has developed removal methodologies that are portable, affordable and easy to implement across the globe.

To achieve our mission, we are committed to do the following:
  • Remove debris from the shorelines and waterways
  • Ensure the approval of the appropriate state, city, or town government for all shoreline projects
  • Purchase or lease the appropriate equipment to perform these tasks
  • Watercraft and equipment will be operated by qualified, licensed personnel
  • Finance our programs with grants, donations, and fee for service
  • Maintain an excellent Board of Directors
  • Partner with local, state and federal regulating agencies and elected officials to reduce costs and expedite service

Meet the team

Meet the people who make it all happen.